Painting as an art is an ever-evolving one and at the dawn of each day, there are more artists coming up with various painting styles and techniques.

In this article, we shall review the paintings that made it to the list of the world’s top 5 in 2017 so read on to find out.

#5. N0. 51948

Price – $140 Million

This paining is a great piece of art by an American painter known as Jackson Pollock. The painter is celebrated in the genre of abstract expressionist movements and it is indeed evident that this very paining took a great inspiration from this genre.

The painting is created on a fiber board using liquid paints and what makes it even more interesting is that the artist uses color variations of white, grey, brown and yellow and fuses them in a manner that the overall output looks like an elegant bird’s nest.

#4. Three Studies of Lucian Freud

Going for a price of $142.4 Million, this great masterpiece is painted by an Irish-born British painter named Francis Bacon. The painting is a portrayal of another artist known as Lucian Freud who happens to be Bacon’s friend as well as artist rival.

Basically, the painting is presented in 3 panes that try to depict the subject in 3 various positions and isolated styles.

#3. Le Reve

This painting has a value of $148.4 Million and it is easy to see why. First of all, the painting is not your ordinary piece of art as it has been meticulously created by the renowned painter Pablo Picasso.

The painting, which is basically oil worked on a piece of canvas, depicts a 22-year old young mistress that happens to be one of the characters that have inspired Picasso’s distorted depictions period.

The painting is synonymous with early Fauvism due to its oversimplified outlines and contrasted colors.

#2. The Card Players


At a price tag of $259 Million, the card players is a series of 5 paintings that portray 2 Provencal peasants enjoying their moments of card playing as they smoke their pipes.

The painting was created by a renowned French Post-impressionist painter known as Paul Cezanne and it has won accolades due to its simplistic yet practical message.

#1. Will You Marry Me?

Paul_Gauguin,_Nafea_Faa_Ipoipo _1892,_oil_on_canvas,_101_x_77_cm

Now, whenever the theme of love and marriage is captured in art, expect the piece of art to be nothing but a masterpiece, and the case is no different with this painting by Paul Gauguin.

The paint was made using oil and depicts 2 Haitian women, apparently in a fantasy-themed background. Though the artist may not have won many accolades, it is the theme that makes this paint fetch a whopping $300 Million.